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Dział produkcji łyżek koparkowych

Dział instalacji przemysłowych klimatyzacji i wentylacji

Dział produkcji zbiorniów ze stali kwasoodpornej

Accessories for construction equipment

Industrial systems


HYDRO-INSTAL is a Polish company established in 1996 in Ostrołęka. Sustainable approach to development makes us a dynamic company with three major departments:

  • manufacturing of process and storage tanks for all industries,
  • manufacturing of a wide range of accessories for construction equipment, e.g. buckets for excavators and loaders,
  • industrial installations (ventilation, air conditioning).

We focus not only on our local market but we also cover Eastern and Western European markets.  The company principles include a studied development policy, highly qualified personnel and advanced production process technologies.  At the consultation stage, our engineers will offer the solutions further transferred to the drawing board and precisely fitted to your needs.
The highest standards of our products are guaranteed by:

  • customer oriented personnel,
  • machinery and materials with certified quality,
  • extensive experience and know-how,
  • innovative solutions and advanced technologies,
  • efficient logistics,
  • highest product quality.

Technical facilities: two manufacturing areas, design office supplied with AutoCAD, Inventor and VVD software, and highly qualified and experienced personnel providing customized designs precisely fitted to your requirements.
Our company not only designs and manufactures equipment and process lines, but also provides assembly, commissioning and servicing of manufactured products.

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